Travel on Airwheel Electric Luggage

With the continuous improvement of living conditions, now we go out to travel more and more time. Airplanes, high-speed rail, and self-drive can always meet us to see the beautiful world, we always go out to travel, prepare the suitcase with the necessary supplies on the road, according to bags must have used a lot, but have you seen the luggage you can ride? Today I will bring you the Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T experience to share with you, often go out with friends and may wish to see, this can take us riding travel luggage! Very cool and practical oh!

Airwheel riding luggage SE3 mini T provides a total of two color options, one is called Firestone Black, and the other is silver. The one I got is Firestone Black, which is also my favorite color, after all, it is inevitable to bump and get dirty when you go out, black is more conducive to future cleaning and maintenance.

se3minit airwheel carry on


Open the upper layer of the package with various random accessories of Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T, and the top yellow is the cushion, which the user can install according to demand. The power supply of Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T is a removable lithium battery module, the battery cell is made of imported lithium batteries, which can be used for charging in daily life. Battery capacity is 1980mAh, rated capacity of 73.26Wh, two port outputs, respectively DC5.0V-1A and DC37V, from the parameters of the Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T, with the battery is in line with aviation requirements, that is, to meet the needs of airline boarding, and removable design, not only allows users to choose the more flexible way to carry, daily also Can be used as a rechargeable treasure, can be said to be very humane. 


Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T is designed with the standard 20-inch boarding box, so we can directly carry it on the plane, and put it into the aircraft luggage rack, in addition, through the security check need to remove the battery from inside the box and then the security check, through the battery can be installed back into the box. (Note: Be sure to turn off the power of the luggage during the check-in process)


Material & Structure

Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T shell material is imported from Germany PC laminate + Taiwan Chi Mei ABS, The combination of two special materials, not only improves the strength and pressure resistance of the box but is also waterproof and wear-resistant, not easy to deform. air wheel electric luggage SE3 mini T handle is made of TPU material, the material is soft, thick, and wide in design, bringing A good sense of grip. High-strength thickened aluminum alloy trolley bar, providing two levels of adjustment, no resistance during the stretching experience, even if extended to the longest position, there is no obvious shaking phenomenon, you can see that the overall workmanship is good, and the anodic oxidation coating process, not only wear-resistant and does not lose color. The bottom is also a one-piece aluminum alloy frame, and riveted reinforcement processing, giving a sense of stability and security.

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On the top of Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T, the front is an embedded handle, when not driving can be collected, so that the overall is more compact, and does not affect the normal use of the luggage. The handle can be released by pressing the lock button in the middle. After releasing the handle of the Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T, it will become a mini electric car in seconds, the shape is not very cute.


The left button is the brake handle, as the name implies, to stop the luggage forward. And the right is the acceleration handle to control the luggage forward when turning the brake handle does not let go, and then turn the acceleration handle, you can also control the luggage backward driving, thinking in the waiting machine or waiting for the car, slip car skills is also a very cool thing.


Don't look at it as delicate and small, carrying an adult without any pressure, and in the driving and handling is quite agile and comfortable, but also good stability, in the driving did not feel any wobble.


Thanks to the good handling, even in a small turnaround, is also flexible, do not worry about the "rollover" problem. Such small luggage is also equipped with a reversing operation, and in experience found that the reversing operation is not only fun but also particularly stable, do not worry about the possibility of overturning.


Airwheel electric luggage trolley bar is well designed, The hidden structure can be used as a carry handle when storing daily, Press the top twist to release the card pin. In addition, the highest position of the trolley display, and ergonomic design are in line with the public dragging needs.

travel on airwheel electric luggage

Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T with a single side opening, although only one-way open, but the side cover can be opened in a 90-degree way, because the two sides of the organ fold for the velcro design, the user can choose to open the angle according to their own needs, and this 45-degree half open more suitable for the protection of privacy and easy to take.

travel on airwheel electric luggage

The inner lining of the door panel is divided into two areas, the smaller one on the right is the storage bag for lithium batteries. Inside there is a power connection cable to connect the lithium battery.

travel on airwheel electric luggage

After connecting the battery to the bag, and the Velcro can be tightened, the installation process is very simple and convenient, so whether you take the plane or train, can be disassembled at any time to carry separately.

travel on airwheel electric luggage

And the left side of the storage bag is just right for the charger and wire, if there are small items, but also can be stored, after all, there is still a lot of space left.


When I first saw the luggage, I doubted whether its load-bearing capacity to meet the needs of adult weight, After all, 20-inch luggage is still relatively small, but when I got it in hand, I found that its aluminum alloy one-piece frame support structure, as well as 52 high-strength riveted reinforcement process, according to the official claim of 100 kg load no problem at all, and the details, not only between the box shell fit process is very good, and every detail is good. Every detail is notable.

travel on airwheel electric luggage


The use of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration TSA password lock, not only enhances the anti-theft performance, but even the baggage check is also convenient for security open box inspection, TSA password lock design for business people who often go abroad is still very practical and convenient but is only limited to the design of the gentleman may wish to villain, after all, the 20-inch box is not large, it is easy to be bad guys throughout the smooth away, so whether it is travel or business trip On the road, you must pay more attention to carry-on objects.

travel on airwheel electric luggage

On the other side of the Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T, the LOGO is also equipped with intelligent breathing LED lights. The bottom red is the power switch, surrounded by a waterproof silicone sleeve, but also provides two USB charging ports, Travel can also be charged at any time for cell phones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices, the same The interface also has a waterproof rubber plug protection, no need to worry about the damage caused by sun and rain.


Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T with front-drive power motor, do not look at the motor front wheel is small, in terms of power is not weak, the personal weight of 80 kg said to sit driving without any pressure, and control is also quite flexible later experience and then show you one by one. On the other side of the motor front wheel display, the integrated motor looks very neat, the only visible connection line, but also the use of metal wire tube protection, you can see that the production process is still quite good.

travel on airwheel electric luggage

Although Airwheel Electric Luggage SE3 mini T with driving function, I think still can not avoid road is to use it dragging, It strong and durable, and its low noisy solid rear wheel lets you travel to save time and effort to rely on, Airwheel Electric Luggage SE3 mini T use is a super quiet wear-resistant solid rear wheel, you can rest assured that bold drag it without worrying about affecting others, its wear-resistant shock absorption effect feels good. And whether pulling or electric driving is very smooth.

travel on airwheel electric luggage

The main purpose of the Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T is to facilitate everyone in the station or airport transfer to reduce the weight, so that everyone in a large station, is no longer tired of running back and forth, to each trip to bring more fun. No matter where it is placed, it is always a beautiful scenery. Self-driving travel will not occupy too much space in the trunk, of course, put horizontally will be relatively safe.

Airwheel electric luggage SE3 mini T "one button start" and fast unfolding way, this trip we say go.