Product Information

What do the luggage sizes (20 inch, 24 inch) mean? 

They refer to the height of the luggage. The most common luggage sizes in the industry are 20, 24 and 28 inches, and you might wish to take sizing reference from luggage as displayed in hypermarts, departmental stores or retail stores.

What do soft-side and hard-side luggage mean? 

Softside luggage refers to fabric luggage, made of textile materials such as nylon, polyester or Shandong Silk. Hard-side luggage refers to non-textile materials such as ABS, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene or Aluminium.

What is the maximum capacity that luggage can hold?

The maximum capacity of luggage is different for different models. The maximum capacity of SE3S is 20L; the maximum capacity of SE3MINIT is 26L; the maximum capacity of SR5 is 30L; the maximum capacity of SE3T is 48L.

What type of battery is in Smart Riding Luggage?

Uses branded lithium batteries that meet UN38.3, RoHs and MSDS standards, fully charged in 2 hours The battery is an independent closed unit, safe and environmentally friendly. Over 800 charging and discharging cycles, 8 level of battery protection.

How does the Smart Riding Luggage operate?

Intelligent handle integrated forward reverse brake function, turn the acceleration handle forward, turn the brake handle for braking, turn the brake handle without releasing then turn the acceleration handle for reversing.

How do I use the Smart Riding Lugagge without power?

Pull out the trolley bar and tow, pick up the "carry handle" and carry on.

Is there product warranty for the purchases?

Limited Global Warranty

The quality of the luggage is guaranteed within one year, and the quality of the battery is guaranteed within half a year.

What do you mean by Omni-Wheel?

Omni-Wheel refers to the 360-degree swivel wheel that Airwheel luggage SR5 is equipped with.

I really like this item. Will you restock this item/colour? 

Please drop us a mail at support@airwheelfactory.com with the item you would like to purchase and we will notify you once the restock is in!


Can I check my order status?

Your order number will be required to track your package. It is listed near the beginning of your order confirmation email and is sent within 15 minutes of purchase. If the order is "on its way", you can choose to receive updates via text message or email.

Can I cancel or change my order after it is submitted?

In order to resolve your cancellation request,please contact us within five hours of submitting your order.

Why is my order arriving in multiple shipments?

Since the batteries in the luggage are considered sensitive items, they must be shipped via special logistics. Therefore, orders will be shipped in two separate packages.

What if my delivered order is damaged?

In the event of any damage to the received goods, we kindly request immediate notification within three days of receipt.


What payment modes do you accept?

We accept credit card payments (American Express, Union Pay, Mastercard and Visa) and Pay Pal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay payments via Stripe.

Is there further discounts for bulk purchases (more than 3 pieces)?

Yes, we welcome all corporate and bulk purchases. Please drop us an email at support@airwheelfactory.com with your company name, contact details, and item requirements/budget you have, and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Do you take cash on delivery? 

Sorry we do not offer this payment option currently.


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