Short Trip Companion-Celebrate Labor Day with Airwheel Smart Luggage

Labour Day is coming, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Choosing the right luggage is crucial for a comfortable and convenient traveling experience. Airwheel Smart Luggage, as a rideable Luggage, is the perfect traveling companion combining functionality and fun, making your journey a breeze.


Right Size for Smooth Boarding

During short-term vacations, there is usually no need to carry excessive luggage, making it wise to choose a moderately-sized travel suitcase. Airwheel SE3S case volume meets the international specification of a 20-inch boarding box, which can be used as carry-on baggage. Its lithium battery capacity is 73.26WH (not more than 100WH, which also meets the relevant specifications set by airlines).


Riding Convenience

Imagine riding your luggage through crowds of people at airports or travel destinations without having to carry heavy luggage or haul suitcases. Equipped with an electric drive system, Airwheel smart luggage can reach speeds of up to 13km/h, allowing you to move easily on flat surfaces, saving you energy while greatly increasing your exercise efficiency and reducing the time spent running on the go, adding more convenience and enjoyment to your travels.


Intelligent Functions

Airwheel intelligent suitcase is not only equipped with cycling functions but also with various intelligent functions, such as GPS positioning and a USB charging port. These functions enable you to better manage and protect your luggage while keeping you away from electronics power anxiety.


Raised Interior Space

Airwheel Smart Luggage provides plenty of space to hold your clothes, shoes, and other necessities. The interior functions are well-divided so that you can easily organize and store your items. Besides, the side of the suitcase is designed with adjustable opening and closing angles, so that the luggage can be stored in an orderly manner, and it is more convenient to open the lid halfway to access the luggage temporarily during the journey.


Quality and Durability

Airwheel smart luggage shell is made of high-strength ABS + PC composite material, the frame is made of 6-series aviation-grade aluminum alloy, and the case is also reinforced with an exclusive patented frame, which has a load-bearing capacity of up to 110 kg. Long-time riding will not affect the service life of the suitcase, and the case remains stable and protects the luggage inside from being crushed. You can use them for longer trips without worrying about damage or wear and tear!


Choose Airwheel Smart Luggage and let's celebrate this Labour Day with unforgettable travel memories!