Airwheel SR5 Smart Following Suitcase(20 Inches)


SR5 can realize automatic following and intelligent obstacle avoidance. Freeing your hands, the smart luggage can make your life easier and more comfortable!

Color: Black

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Intelligent Auto Follow

Airwheel SR5 is an intelligent robotic trolley that allows for automatic tracking. It adopts an ultrasonic probe to detect the direction and distance of obstacles and dynamically plans the path to intelligently avoid obstacles to realize flexible following. It can travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects.


Smart Anti-Lost Alarm

Airwheel SR5 is an intelligent robotic trolley that allows for automatic tracking. It adopts an ultrasonic probe to detect the direction and distance of obstacles and dynamically plans the path to intelligently avoid obstacles to realize flexible following. It can travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects.


Flexible Obstacle Avoidance

The suitcase is also equipped with ultrasonic, infrared, and other sensor modules, following the process of real-time monitoring of the obstacles around the following path, the timely adoption of appropriate obstacle avoidance, detour program to avoid collisions. Users can use it with peace of mind, without having to check back frequently.


Support App Control

SR5 smart luggage can be a mobile remote control, it can connect to the mobile app via Bluetooth 4.0. You can change the suitcase's speed, let it start itself detecting, turn on the anti-lost alarm function with your smartphone, etc. The Airwheel SR5 can also be your oversized toy!


90° Opening Methods

The 90-degree side opening allows for easy access to items. The partition inside the box is also more reasonable, and users can arrange themselves according to their needs. With its well-spaced interior and large capacity, you can easily tuck in your favorite travel belongings.


Security TSA Locks

When crossing the border staff can use the global TSA special key to open the box without damage, so that the luggage can cross the border with peace of mind. In addition, Airwheel SR5 intelligent luggage uses a living fingerprint chip, which is ahead of traditional optical fingerprint unlocking technology in terms of security and appearance. It will only take 2 seconds to open the luggage with the fingerprint.


External USB Port

Built-in removable 62.6wh lithium-ion battery and meets airline boarding standards, you can quickly charge your smart devices anywhere and anytime during your trip so that the good mood of traveling continues to be full.


Secure & Beautiful Light

Considering the safety problem in a dark environment, if you switch on the SR5 main power, the LED light will stay on; if you turn on the auto-follow mode or remote control mode, the LED light will become the breathing.

In abnormal situations, the LED light will flash rapidly. Although the design was originally conceived for safety reasons, the lighting effect was unexpectedly beautiful. With SR5, you will be dazzling in the dark.


Mute Shockproof Omni-Wheel

The SR5 smart luggage is two-wheel drive. Its power is up to 30W and the rated speed of the motor is 500RPM. The stable output power will escort you. When you manually drag the suitcase, the motor wheel can be extended and retracted with one button, which not only protects the motor but also enables the luggage to be light towing.


Waterproof & Scratch Resistant

Airwheel SR5 is made with ABS+PC material, which is lightweight and durable. At the same time, it is water-proof, scratch-resistant, and shatter-resistant. 


Three-gear Adjustable Rod

SR5 is made with a high-strength thickened all-aluminum alloy rod. Its full-fit hidden design makes it easy to control the height of the box. It is stable and easy to drag.


NOTE: Since the battery is considered sensitive shipping goods, we have to use special logistic channels to ship it. Therefore, your order was split into two packages, one for the luggage and the other for the battery.

User Manual

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Standard Version

Premium Version


To avoid environmental pollution, please do not discard the used batteries.The lithium batteries of thisproduct should be recycled by the company or its distributors or the government designated recyclestations.

How to use the SR-series automatic following suitcase

  1. Open the smart suitcase, connect the power bank with it by the inner power cord, then power on it by pressing the power switch on the top of the suitcase's body.
  2. Wear the bracelet and stand in front of the suitcase at the automatic following sensor side, then power on the bracelet, after which its green light will flash and it will vibrate shortly, which means it is ready for the automatic following mode.
  3. Press and hold the power button to power off and exit the automatic following mode, during which it will vibrate shortly.
  4. Turn off the power switch on the suitcase when not using it.
Tow / Slide
Retract the central motor and lift the trolley handle to tow or slide.
Hand carry
Retract the central motor and carry it with the carry handle. 
Note: Please switch to hand-carry mode when climbing stairs or on uneven surfaces.

Smart bracelet operation instructions

  1.  The indicator light keeps green and flashes quickly when the bracelet is under work.
  2. When battery voltage is low:-Lower than 20%, the red light is of indicator is always on, please charge the bracelet in time.-Lower than 10%, the red light is of indicator is always on, and the bracelet cannot be turned on.
  3. When charging, the indicator light flashes red slowly , and when the battery is full, the green light is always on. It takes about 2 hours for the smart bracelet to be fully charged and can be used for 8 hours per full charge. Please use the dedicated magnetic charging cable to charge your Airwheel bracelet.
Bracelet Pairing
After turning on the power of the smart suitcase, long press the power button and function button of bracelet, until the indicator flashes green slowly, pairing between suitcase and bracelet is completed then.
Note: This function is only necessary when changing the bracelet. The bracelet is well paired with the smart suitcase at the factory, there is no need to re-pair it.
The strap of the bracelet can be replaced
Unscrew the fixing screw, remove the original trap, and replace the new trap, then tighten the screw.
The standby time of the bracelet is about 3 months. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it once every 2 months.
Light strip status description
The LED light strip keeps on when the power of suitcase is turned on, light strip flashes slowly when the suitcase is in following mode.
When it gets lost (its distance is over 3m with the user wearing the bracelet), the LED strip will flash frequently, and the bracelet will vibrate to remind the user.
Press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on or turn off the LED strip.

TSA Lock (Standard Version) operation instructions

The default password is: 0-0-0, When setting your own password, please follow the steps below:
  1. Set code to 0-0-0;
  2. Push in button A with pen or other tools until you hear a "tick" sound;
  3. Set your chosen code;
  4. Push button C in the direction of the arrow and will hear the "tick" sound again. Button A pops up and the password is set successfully.
You have completed the password setting, please keep your code in mind, if you need to reset the password, please repeat the above steps.

Fingerprint TSA Lock (Premier Version) Instructions

 Enroll Fingerprint
Short press the setting button to activate the fingerprint enroll function. At this time, the LED light is blue and always on. Enrollthe fingerprint three consecutive times. Every time you enroll the fingerprint successfully, indicator light will flash blue three times and then keep the blue light on. For the third time enroll, indicator is on blue and then turns off, and fingerprint enroll is completed successfully. If indicator light flashes blue , then flashes red, finally keeps on blue at the third time enroll, that means the fingerprint enrolls were failed, please enroll the fingerprint again. 
Fingerprint unlock
Push the fingerprint sensor cover in the direction of arrow 1, press the fingerprint module with the finger that has been successfully enrolled and scan the fingerprint. If the fingerprint is wrong, indicator light will flash red; If the fingerprint is correct, you will hear the sound of the motor turning, lock is open and indicator keeps blue for 5 seconds. After indicator light is off, the motor will revers and lock again.
Note: When the lock does not store the fingerprint, any finger can be unlocked; after enrolling the fingerprint, the correct fingerprint have to be used to unlock.
Delete fingerprint
Press the setting button and hold for 3 seconds, indicator light will keeps red for 2 seconds and then turn off, the fingerprint deletion is completed.
  1. If there is a sudden power failure during the use, and the suitcase is locked, please use the key to unlock.
  2. If there is a sudden power failure during the use, and the suitcase is unlocked, please charging it.
  3. After the power is restored, the motor will rotate to lock.
  4. When the fingerprint lock is unlocked, the zipper pull tab cannot be closed and locked. The suitcase will be closed when the motor is rotated for locking.
Key unlocking and locking
  1. Take the key (the key number needs to correspond to the lock number), put it into the keyhole and rotate 90° clockwise, pull tabs release and suitcases will be unlocked.
  2. Rotate the key 90°counterclockwise to return the lock cylinder to the locked position, buckle the pull tab to lock the suitcase.
  1. When the lock is unlocked, the zipper pull tab cannot be closed and locked. The key needs to be rotated 90°to lock position, and then the suitcase can be locked.
  2. Ifyou’ve lost your key, please contact Airwheel after-sales team for a new key with the corresponding number of the lock cylinder.
  3. Please do not put the spare key in the suitcase, in case you will need to use it when the key is out of power.
  4. If the fingerprint lock is not used for more than half a year, please take the battery out.

Power bank instruction

Real-time battery status checking
Turn on the power bank, no light or only one light indicates a low battery, and 4 lights on indicate a full battery.
Charging the power bank
  1. Connect the power bank to the adapter or computer USB port when charging. The charging light is red when charging, and turns to green when fully charged. It will take 13 hours to be fully charged (the charging time varies by the power left in it before charging).
  2. Please disconnect the power source, adapter, and power bank when fully charged.
Power support for mobile phones and other digital products
Use the original charging cable of the electronic product and connect it to the USB output port of the Power bank for charging. (Support mobile phone / MP4 / iPad, etc.)
Power support for the smart suitcase
Please connect the suitcase to the power bank at the output port (suitcase power interface).
Charging Attention
  1. Keep it in a safe place that children cannot touch when charging.
  2. Do not use a non-certified power adapter to charge the power bank.
  3. Do not cover the power bank with anything when charging.
  4. Do not use the DC power of this product on devices that do not meet the output parameters to prevent malfunction or fire.
  5. When using or storing, prevent liquid or metal particles from penetrating the interior of the power bank, and be careful not to fall and impact to avoid damage.
  6. The interior of the product has been well-packed, and should not be disassembled without professional support.
  7. For scrapped products, please submit them to the recycling station or distributor for disposal. Do not discard them to avoid pollution.


Please read the various precautions thoroughly and use the smart suitcase as required. Do not use this
product until you have a full understanding of its performance after reading the user manual thoroughly.
Important Notes
  1. Do not sit or stand on the suitcase to play.
  2. Avoid using the following function in pothole roads, narrow aisles, and crowded places.
  3. Please periodically remove the dust from the power plug. Ash accumulation in a humid environment cancause a fire hazard.
  4. Do not damage, forcibly bend or bundle the power cord. Do not place heavy objects on the power cord orexpose them to excessive heat.
  5. Do not insert foreign objects into the USB port, charge/discharge interface, or other openings in the product.
  6. Do not disassemble the various parts of the suitcase.
  1. Do not put cash or valuables in the suitcase.
  2. Please do not lift the suitcase with the trolley handle.
  3. Please hand-carry the suitcase when walking on the steps or climbing stairs. Towing the suitcase over the steps or stairs may cause it to fall over and get damaged.
  4. Please lay the suitcase on the ground to prevent knocking over and damage when placed in a moving vehicle or on an uneven and inclined surface.
  5. Please do not leave the suitcase in a humid, unventilated place or any strong acid environment for a long time. If it gets wet from rain, please dry it in time. It is forbidden to place the suitcase in a high-temperature environment or near fireworks.
  6. Do not use any corrosive solvent such as banana oil or petroleum ether to wipe the suitcase.
  7. Do not rinse directly with water or use it on rainy days.
  8. When closing the suitcase, please be careful not to get your body or clothes caught by the cabinet or lock.
  9. Please be aware that if the liquid in the suitcase is leaking, it may cause the suitcase to get short-circuited.
  10. Almost all types of batteries are subject to environmental influences. In general, its discharge performance is better when the temperature is higher. When the temperature drops below 0°C, its performance may drop by over one-third. Therefore, when the winter comes or in a cold area, it is normal that the traveling range per full charge will be decreased, while it recovers when the temperature is above 20°C.
  11. It is forbidden to use charging cables and other accessories that are not exclusively supplied by the company.The company is not responsible for the accidents caused by it.
  12. Lithium batteries are prohibited from getting close to the fire source, or flammable and explosive corrosive gases.
  13. Do not disassemble the power bank casing to avoid damage to internal parts.
  14. It is forbidden to connect the positive and negative poles of the power bank with wires or conductors to avoid danger and damage to the power bank.
  15. The power bank needs to be handled with care, to avoid collision and fall, to prevent damage to the casing and accidents.
  16. If it is not used for a long time, it needs to be fully charged before storage. It can't last over 3 months from the last time of full charge.
  17. It is forbidden to arbitrarily dismantle or modify this suitcase. The company does not bear the losses caused by it and your warranty might be invalid after so. When there is an internal failure, please contact the after-sales personnel.
The final interpretation of all terms and conditions of this manual belongs to the company.

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Suitcase power indicator instructions

  1. Flash 1 time: Low battery alarm,<10.2V
  2. Flash 3 times: Low voltage alarm,<9.3V
  3. Flash 4 times: Bluetooth communication alarm
  4. Flash 5 times: Hallfailure
  5. Flash 6 times: Excessive current fault
  6. Flash 7 times: Static current fault
  7. Flash 8 times: Stall failure
  8. Flash 10 times: Alarm for that the drive wheel has not been lowered to the right position
  9. Flash 11 times: Alarm for  that the drive wheel  is not lifted to the right position
  10. Flash 12 times: The alarm for that the micro switch is not released


Exterior cleaning
  1. The suitcase needs to be cleaned at all times.
  2. When leaning the dust, do not wipe the electrical parts and connectors with a damp cloth.
Battery maintenance
  1. It must be recharged timely when the battery status is low.
  2. When not in use, turn off the switch.
  3. For long-term (more than three months) not in use, it is recommended to disconnect the power bank with the suitcase.
  4. Please recharge it at least one time every three months when not using it for a long time.

Download Airwheel SR5 User Manual.pdf


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