Electric Suitcase

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Airwheel SE3S Boardable Smart Riding Suitcase(20 Inches)

    Airwheel SE3S Luggage Features 20-inch Smart Riding Motorised Airwheel Luggage with Speed Up to 13km/h. One-Click Smart Electric Telescopic Pole and Smart Airwheel Luggage Handle Bar. Use Airwheel...

Airwheel SE3 MiniT Smart Riding Electric Motor Suitcase(20 Inches)

Airwheel SE3 MINIT Luggage Features 20-inch Airwheel SE3MINT can be carried on the airline directly. Speed up to 8km/h with anti-skid solid tires. Carry on 73.26wh removable lithium battery on...

Airwheel SR5 Smart Following Suitcase(20 Inches)

  Intelligent Auto Follow Airwheel SR5 is an intelligent robotic trolley that allows for automatic tracking. It adopts an ultrasonic probe to detect the direction and distance of obstacles and...

Airwheel SE3T Rideable Smart Suitcase(24 Inches)

  Airwheel SE3T Luggage Features Two People can Ride 24-inch the Biggest Airwheel Smart Electric Luggage with 13km/h. Smart Design of Hidden Integrated Telescopic Pull Rod and Handling Bar. Use...