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Airwheel Duffle Bag Backpack with Wheels

Colour: Black Material: Nylon Size: 450mm*360mm*320mm When to use: Traveling, Business Trip How to use: Backpack/Hand/Pull Pole Why use: The backpack not only can be rolled by wheels but also can...

Airwheel Exclusive Shockproof Cushion

Enhanced Protection: Specially designed shockproof cushion for Airwheel Mini SE3S and SE3T electric suitcases, safeguarding your belongings during travel. Waterproof and Sweatproof: Provides reliable protection against water and sweat, keeping...
Airwheel SE3S, Airwheel SE3MiniT and Airwheel SE3T Luggage Battery

Airwheel Luggage Battery

External Charging This detachable rechargeable features an external USB charging port for easy removal and use at any time without the need for pre-connected devices. It meets aviation safety requirements...
For SE3SFor SE3MiniT

Airwheel Luggage Dust Cover

Brand: Airwheel Launch Time: 2021 Accessory Type: Dust bag Practical Function: Prevent your luggage from getting dirty, messy, and scratched. Color Transparent: A transparent luggage cover allows you to identify...

Airwheel Luggage Exclusive Charger

Airwheel Luggage Exclusive Charger Specs: Model XVE-4200 150 Input 100V-240VAC   50/60Hz  1.5A(max) Output DC42V=1.5A LED Lights Red Light Means ChargingGreen Light Means Charge Full Or   Airwheel Luggage Exclusive Charger...

Airwheel SE3 MiniT Smart Riding Electric Motor Suitcase(20 Inches)

Airwheel SE3 MINIT Luggage Features 20-inch Airwheel SE3MINT can be carried on the airline directly. Speed up to 13km/h with anti-skid solid tires. Carry on 73.26wh removable lithium battery on...

Airwheel SE3T Rideable Smart Suitcase(24 Inches)

$779.99 – $799.00
  Airwheel SE3T Luggage Features Two People can Ride 24-inch the Biggest Airwheel Smart Electric Luggage with 13km/h. Smart Design of Hidden Integrated Telescopic Pull Rod and Handling Bar. Use...

Airwheel SQ3 - Kids Electric Smart Riding Trolley Luggage 15L

Airwheel SQ3 Luggage Features A Kid Can Ride On Airwheel SQ3 Smart Electric Luggage. Different Safe Quality Materials of Airwheel SQ3 Luggage: Polycarbonate Material, Composite Pressure-Resistant PC Material and TPU....

Airwheel SR5 Smart Following Suitcase(20 Inches)

    Airwheel SR5 Luggage Features Airwheel SR5 Smart Luggage that Follows You Automatically. 20-inch Airwheel SR5 Luggage Can Be Carried in the Air. Use TSA Lock for the Safety...