Airwheel Smart Riding Luggage—Solve the Journey "The Last Mile"

To reduce the burden of the journey, Airwheel has launched the smart riding luggage, which is more energy-saving and efficient than the traditional luggage dragging and carrying, and can save more time for the journey, and more importantly, this "riding" function can solve various problems in the journey."The Last Mile", so that the airport, the station can also have an easy and appropriate mobility program, from then on the journey more comfortable and pleasant!


About Riding

"The Last Mile" of the journey is mostly inside airports, stations, and hotels, as well as stations to transfer points, moving between nearby scenic spots and other situations, although the road is not far, the accumulation together often makes people tired legs and tired heart, deeply exhausted! Choose an Airwheel luggage with a mobility function, no longer relying on legs to measure every floor tile of the station and airport, you can enjoy the joy of the journey!

Airwheel rideable luggage does not use the common universal wheel but is equipped with a 5.5-inch motor front wheel and a 5-inch non-slip rear wheel so that the luggage can ride and move under the electric power drive. Riding speed can reach 13km/h, much faster than conventional walking speed, riding it through the airport, and the station will become more energy-saving, pleasant, and efficient than traditional luggage.

The smart riding handle only has the left and right handle to be operated, the right handle accelerates, the left handle brakes, and at the same time controls the reverse, so it can be said that the three basic operations are in line with people's daily habits, easy to grasp, and quick to start.


About Safety

While enjoying the relaxation of riding on the road, of course, the safety of the riding process should be ensured.

Airwheel smart luggage scooter has a built-in brake system, when you encounter relatively emergency or bad road conditions, it can ensure that you can stop quickly at any time and any place according to your needs, thus ensuring the safety of riding. Of course, we must use it responsibly and follow the manufacturer's product instructions.

As a special smart riding suitcase, the strength of the case of the Airwheel suitcase should also be outstanding enough. The case shell is made of PC laminate imported from Germany + Taiwan Chi Mei ABS, which is waterproof, wear-resistant, not easily deformed, and has extremely strong strength and resistance to pressure. During the ride, do not have to worry about the weight of the suitcase will be oppressed by the box. Its case body is specially reinforced with a one-piece aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame, with a load capacity of 110kg, which can meet the rising needs of most weight users.

Airwheel scooter suitcases adopt high-quality, wear-resistant, and puncture-resistant 5.5-inch TPU solid enlarged tires, which can prevent skidding and shock absorption, while the increased cross-sectional area of the tires and thick wheels ensure the balance of the luggage and better wheel passability, ensuring the smoother, smoother and safer movement of the luggage during the journey.


In Conclusion

Remember the exhaustion of running around once during the journey? Take the Airwheel smart riding luggage and go! Let it help you solve the various "The Last Mile" of the journey! From now on, the journey is more comfortable and pleasant!

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