Business Trip or Travel: You Need a Rideable Airwheel SE3S Smart Luggage

The continuous development of smart technology has brought increasing surprises and convenience to our lives. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, people are no longer satisfied with the basic storage function of traditional luggage. More travelers hope to get innovative equipment that can reduce the burden of the journey.The SE3S Smart Luggage, which combines high technology and practicality meets these needs as described below.


Powerful Brushless Motor

The powerful brushless motorized wheels on the bottom of the luggage are different from ordinary luggage in that they can adapt to a wide range of road conditions, from smooth indoor surfaces to tarmac, concrete, and speed bumps outdoors. The realization of the riding function allows you to get rid of the fatigue of walking with your legs. Riding speed up to 13km/h is faster than walking speed, saving energy on behalf of walking at the same time, but also can greatly improve the efficiency of movement, and reduce the time consumed in the journey running.


In addition, SE3S smart luggage is not simply add the motor wheel to achieve the riding function, it also fully considered the actual use of all aspects of the process, digging into the details to ensure a good user experience!

  • Large Wheelbase, Smoother

Adopting a motorized telescopic structure design, the handle of Airwheel SE3S smart luggage is up to 7.4 inches in length when fully extended, which ensures a more stable and smoother ride. Even after passing speed bumps, you can ride smoothly without fear of tipping over!

  • EasyTo Get Started

In order to avoid people feeling overwhelmed in front of the emerging equipment, the operation of Airwheel SE3S smart luggage adopts a minimalist design. The smart riding handle only has left and right side turnbuckles, the right side turnbuckle accelerates the left side turnbuckle brakes, and the control can be reversed. Provided that you know these three operations, anyone can easily get started.

  • High Intensity, Ride With Confidence

The box shell is made of high-strength ABS + PC composite material, while the box body is also reinforced with an exclusive patented frame, which is made of 6-series aerospace-grade aluminum alloy using one-piece molding technology, with a load capacity of up to 110 kg. Long rides do not affect the life of the luggage and the case remains stable and the luggage inside is protected from crushing.

It is obvious that the Airwheel SE3S smart luggage on the "rading" function of the design is very impressive.


Modular and Boardable

It is a fact that most people choose to fly when faced with longer-distance destinations, whether for business or pleasure. This means that being able to bring along with you on the airplane has become a consideration for more people when choosing luggage.During the research and development stage, Airwheel SE3S smart luggage has been established as a "boarding box". Its body volume meets the international 20-inch boarding box specification, and the lithium battery capacity is 73.26WH (not exceeding 100WH, also in line with the relevant specifications made by airlines).

The lock of the box is also selected TSA customs lock, to avoid being violently dismantled and inspected when passing through customs so that traveling is pleasant and easy.

Removable Power Battery & USB Interface

In order to bring more convenience to the journey, it also specially realizes the charging function, so that the power anxiety that modern people often have is swept away. The outer side of the case is specially designed with a high-performance USB charging port so that when the power of cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, and other portable electronic devices is low, they can be replenished in time by connecting the data cable, which is easy to operate and very convenient.

Side-opening Lid

In terms of storage, Airwheel Smart Luggage doesn't think it's a basic function and ignores the details of the design. Not only does it have a reasonable functional partition inside, but the lid also adopts a side-opening design. The side of the luggage is designed with adjustable opening and closing angles of the buckle, so that luggage storage can be easily organized, temporary access to luggage during the trip, you only need to half open the lid, to avoid luggage being scattered, the operation is also more convenient.
As an innovative product, airwheel smart luggage is feature-rich and well-designed. It not only relieves you from the fatigue of walking during your journey but also meets the need for charging. Importantly, it complies with the airport boarding specifications and has excellent strength and suitability. It is believed that whether it is for business travel or a leisure vacation, this smart cycling case can bring you a pleasant and convenient travel experience.

Choose Airwheel, intelligence makes life freer!