Weight Reduction Travel: The journey requires Airwheel SR5 smart follow

The purpose of the journey is to recharge. However, most people feel tired during the journey, bound by the heavy suitcase, so the mood of the trip is no longer light and bright. But without a suitcase travel is not realistic, because our journey also needs sufficient supplies to go enough to facilitate and be comfortable. Can not give up, then try to change the luggage, Airwheel SR5 smart follow luggage must be able to help the journey to reduce the weight, out of the easy, pleasant.


Free Your Hands And Travel Easily

Airwheel SR5 smart follows the suitcase and is equipped with a UWB high-precision positioning module inside the suitcase just wear a smart bracelet, and open the following mode, and the box will be able to move flexibly under the drive of the motor wheel at the bottom of the box, and steadily follow the user behind. Follow the speed between 2km/h and 6km/h, Airwheel SR5 smart follow luggage will monitor the distance between the user in real-time, and flexibly adjust the appropriate follow speed to maintain the appropriate distance.


Flexible Avoidance And Not Afraid Of Collision

Following this way, it will not only not lose, but also be able to intelligently avoid obstacles. Airwheel SR5 smart follow suitcase is equipped with ultrasonic, infrared probes and other sensors that work together, can multi-dimensional identification and detection of the journey of the complex environment and road conditions, timely determination of feedback information on the coordinates of obstacles, and take appropriate deceleration and obstacle avoidance program so that the owner can walk in the front without worries.


Distance Alarm And One Key To Summon

For safety reasons, it also realized the over-distance alarm mechanism, Airwheel SR5 smart follow luggage set a safety distance of 3 meters, when the distance between the suitcase and the user exceeds 3 meters, the smart bracelet will immediately vibrate to alert, to attract attention, so that users can quickly respond. At the same time, the smart bracelet also realized a key summoning function, within 20 meters, can be summoned with one key, control Airwheel SR5 smart follow box automatically comes to the side.


Smart Remote Control And More Fun

Airwheel SR5 smart follow luggage has an exclusive APP developed specifically for it, supporting Android and IOS dual systems, downloaded and installed on the cell phone end can provide more help for the use of Airwheel SR5 smart follow suitcase. Login APP, in addition to the remaining power, mileage, and other basic information at any time, you can also carry out simple fault detection of the luggage, and realize the intelligent remote control function - you can remotely control the movement of the box through the phone, to give the journey more interesting play, to meet the brain, play personality.


A Plug Charge And Power Worry-free

For modern people who have long been accustomed to all kinds of electronic devices, the road also means that you need to pay close attention to the power of the accompanying equipment, especially cell phones, after all, it is responsible for payment, query, verification, contact and so on many tasks in one. Airwheel SR5 smart follow case is specially designed with a USB charging port on the outside of the case, only need to connect the data cable, and you can always charge all kinds of portable electronic devices, to ensure the normal use of the journey, the natural power anxiety no longer exists, the journey convenient worry-free.


Modular Battery And No Obstruction To Boarding

Can be carried on board, which is the demand of many people for carry-on luggage, Airwheel SR5 smart follow suitcase, although different from traditional luggage, does not affect the accessibility, can be smoothly boarded, no need to check-in. Is not only the volume of the case body in line with the international standard specification of 20-inch boarding cases, but the battery also uses a modular removable design, and the capacity is in line with 62.6WH, before boarding through the security check, only needs to quickly disassemble the battery, you can meet the conditions of passage, smoothly through, not blocked.


In conclusion

The future of technology is in the present! Choose Airwheel SR5 to follow the luggage, leave behind the load, easy to travel, and intelligent to make life freer!