What suitcase material is the best for the Airwheel luggage?

What material makes the smart luggage durable?


  • Advantages: CURV boasts lightweight, durable, and impact-resistant properties, providing excellent protection for smart luggage. Its modern design enhances aesthetics.
  • Disadvantages: Higher cost, potential limited flexibility, and susceptibility to scratches are drawbacks.


  • Advantages: Polycarbonate offers a lightweight and durable solution with high impact resistance, ideal for smart luggage. Its sleek design adds a modern touch.
  • Disadvantages: Higher price, potential flexibility limitations, and susceptibility to scratches are notable considerations.


  • Advantages: Polypropylene is lightweight and durable, ensuring strong impact resistance for smart luggage. Its contemporary design contributes to a modern aesthetic.
  • Disadvantages: Some brittleness, reduced flexibility, and susceptibility to scratches are potential drawbacks.

ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

  • Advantages: ABS is lightweight, affordable, and offers decent impact resistance, suitable for smart luggage. It comes in various colors and designs.
  • Disadvantages: ABS may lack the durability of other materials, potentially prone to cracks and scratches over time.


  • Advantages: Aluminium provides excellent durability and a premium aesthetic for smart luggage. It is resistant to scratches and dents, offering robust protection.
  • Disadvantages: Aluminium luggage tends to be heavier, more expensive, and less flexible in design compared to other materials.

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What is the best material for the Airwheel luggage?

Airwheel luggage is made of high-quality 6 series aluminum alloy frame to ensure stability and prevent deformation. This motorized suitcase scooter has an excellent weight capacity of 110 kg (242.51 lbs) while maintaining structural integrity for worry-free travel. In addition, this airwheel riding suitcase is made from a blend of ABS and PC materials for great strength and compression resistance. This sturdy structure protects your belongings from impacts and rough treatment, reducing the chance of damage during travel and enhancing your travel safety.

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What about other luggage brands?

What material is Samsonite hard luggage made of?

In the construction of its hard-sided luggage, Samsonite predominantly opts for polycarbonate as the main material. Polycarbonate is selected due to its lightweight yet robust nature, offering exceptional impact resistance to safeguard belongings during travel. This material is prized for its durability, providing assurance against the rigors of handling in various travel conditions. Beyond its protective features, polycarbonate contributes to the overall design aesthetic, giving Samsonite hard luggage a modern and sophisticated look.

What materal of Monos luggage is the best?

Monos luggage is vacuum formed from German Makrolon polycarbonate. It’s a lightweight, aerospace-grade material that’s nearly impossible to break. Monos uses this material to enhance the luggage's resistance to pressure and falling. It is also flexible, so it can absorb impact energy and spring back to its original shape, making it an exceptionally resilient material.

What suitcase material does Away hard luggage need?

Away luggage predominantly utilizes polycarbonate as the main material for its hard-shell luggage collections. Polycarbonate offers a combination of lightweight design and robust durability, making it ideal for travel. The advantages of polycarbonate include its high impact resistance, ensuring protection for belongings during transit, and its sleek, modern design that contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of Away luggage. The material's lightweight nature also enhances the overall portability of the suitcase, providing a balance between durability and ease of use for travelers.

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