Airwheel rideable suitcase scooter for adults prevails in the world

In the past few years, the Airwheel suitcase scooter has made a stunning debut, bringing marvelous experiences to travel enthusiasts. Now, the Airwheel riding luggage for adults has become a favored travel companion worldwide, combining functionality, convenience, and style, attracting the attention of travelers from around the world.


What is the rideable suitcase scooter?

Usually, when we choose a suitcase, it is primarily to meet the need for luggage storage during the journey. However, as a smart ride-on motorized luggage, it can achieve the function of direct riding for commuting under electric power. Compared to walking with your legs, the smart ride-on motorized suitcase provides faster and more effortless travel, making it efficient enough to help users commute with ease, which can be described as excellent.


What are the outstanding features of Airwheel smart luggage?

  • Support Intelligent App Control
  • Removable Battery & USB Interface
  • 20inch Carry-on Boarding
  • International TSA Code Lock
  • Smart Handle For Easy Operation
  • Waterproof, Strong Load-Bearing
  • Smart Luggage That Follows You
  • Smart Alerts For Distance

The preferred choice for buying an Airwheel suitcase scooter?

As a leader in the electric travel motorized suitcase scooter industry, Airwheel luggage is the most popular smart luggage worldwide. You can hear the voices of Airwheel fans on different social media platforms. Regrettably, there are only local stores in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand for Airwheel. Friends from the USA, Australia, Canada, India, and other regions can only purchase through the official online store, which provides global shipping, official warranties, and excellent after-sales service.


What is the weight limit of an Airwheel rideable suitcase for adults?

Adopting German laminate and Taiwan Chi Mei ABS to ensure that the case shell is waterproof, wear-resistant, stable, and not easily deformed. Reinforced with a patented aluminum frame, which is made of 6-series high-grade aluminum alloy using one-piece forming technology to ensure a load-bearing capacity of 110kg. Airwheel electric rideable suitcase for adults who ride without worries.


How does It enhance your travel?

Apart from riding, as a smart suitcase, Airwheel takes into account the charging needs of users during the journey. Therefore, it has specially expanded the design with USB charging ports on the exterior of the case. Simply connect the data cable, and you can charge various electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and Bluetooth headsets, making it very user-friendly.

If you are still worried that the electronic luggage might be too large to carry on the plane, there is no need to worry. Airwheel smart carry-on luggage with the motor has dimensions of 550×360×240mm, which complies with the international 20-inch carry-on luggage standard specifications. It does not require check-in when boarding a flight and can be carried directly on board. The lithium battery adopts a modular plug-and-play design, which requires no tools for disassembly and installation. With a capacity of 73.26WH, it complies with the regulations, so you only need to quickly remove the battery before the security check, and you can pass smoothly.

Finally, let's return to the core functionality of the suitcase - storage. Airwheel luggage features a side-opening design for the cover, and there are fasteners arranged on the sides that can adjust the opening angle, making it very convenient to temporarily retrieve and place items during the journey. At the same time, its internal storage space is ample and reasonable, allowing easy placement of clothing, books, and electronic devices.


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