How to ride Airwheel SE3S luggage smartly in 2024?

In modern life, many people relieve their stress by traveling. Airwheel SE3S luggage is a suitcase scooter that combines innovation and practicality. It can be used not only for daily use, but also for smart riding. This Airwheel luggage redefines the way we navigate airports, streets and adventures. Join us on the journey as we dive deeper into the features and experiences that make Airwheel SE3S luggage the epitome of smart travel.

What is smart Airwheel SE3S luggage?

20-inch Carry On Eletric Luggage

Airway SE3S luggage is a smart electric riding suitcase. The 20-inch Airwheel luggage meets most airline carry-on standards. No need to check it in, just take out the battery and board the plane easily. When you don’t want to drag your suitcase scooter, you can ride this Airwheel suitcase scooter, which can travel at a speed of up to 13km/h. Riding on the Airwheel electric scooter luggage can not only transport your items efficiently, but also speed up your journey.

Smart Control While Riding

Riding Airwheel SE3S luggage is not a complicated matter. The smart design of the scooter luggage makes riding more convenient. The smart button to open the Airwheel luggage is set on the side, enabling one-touch electric folding of the telescopic rod. When this electric telescopic rod is activated, the wheelbase of the motor suitcase is lengthened by 180mm, making it ride more securely. The smart luggage handle design integrates acceleration, braking and reversing, making it easy to accurately control the Airwheel SE3S luggage.

 intelligent electric telescopic pole of Airwheel SE3S luggage



73.26wh Removable Battery

Airwheel SE3S luggage uses a 73.26wh removable portable lithium battery. The battery complies with aviation standards and can be removed and carried on board. This Airwheel luggage needs to be disassembled for aviation security inspection before boarding the plane. This battery has sufficient electric capacity, which can not only meet the battery life of the electric suitcase, but has a measured battery life of up to 9.2km. It also has an external USB interface to charge mobile phones, computers and other devices anytime and anywhere.

High Quality and Safe Materials

Using high-quality materials can extend the life of your luggage. Airwheel SE3S luggages are mainly made of aluminum alloy, PC and ABC materials, which can enhance the suitcase scooter’s dairy-farmer quality. The aluminum alloy frame allows the cabinet to bear a maximum weight of 110kg, making the cabinet stable and non-deformable. Using PC coating imported from Germany and Taiwan Chi Mei ABS, the box is waterproof and wear-resistant.

remove the battery of Airwheel SE3S luggage


How to ride Airwheel SE3S luggage at first time?

Put the Removable Battery in Luggage

When you receive the package of Airwheel SE3S luggage, you will receive the Airwheel luggage and the battery and other accessories. You need to remove the eletric suitcase scooter and battery from the package. Take this disassembly point out and put it on the side of the suitcase. Make sure your Airwheel luggage has enough power for riding. After the battery is placed on the side of the suitcase scooter and powered on, the Airwheel SE3S luggage can be officially opened for use.

Just Need to Click One Button to Open

After placing the battery in the scooter suitcase, you can press the switch button on the side of the Airwheel SE3S luggage to open the smoothly. After the Airwheel luggage is opened, the eletric suitcase will automatically extend the telescopic rod. The extended telescopic pole makes riding the Airwheel luggage more comfortable and stable. After the telescopic pole is opened, you can sit on the suitcase scooter and get ready to start riding.

one click to open the Airwheel SE3S luggage


Adjust the Lever and Press the Buttons to Ride

After successfully opening the Airwheel SE3S luggage, you can ride on the motor suitcase through the smart handle lever. First of all, you can adjust the height of the smart handle lever of the suitcase scooter according to your needs, so that you can sit on the Airwheel luggage and ride. Secondly, you need to press the left and right buttons on the smart handle bar to control the suitcase. The smart handle bar has two buttons. Press the left button to brake, press the right button to move forward, and press the left and right buttons simultaneously to move backward.

Remote Control Airwheel Luggage

When you don’t want to ride the Airwheel SE3S luggage manually, you can choose to remotely control the Airwheel luggage. First, you need to download the Airwheel App, register an account and log in. Then, turn on the Airwheel luggage and use Bluetooth to connect the suitcase scooter to the Airwheel App. Finally, you can set the riding speed, driving direction and driving instructions of the eletric suitcase on the Airwheel App. In addition, you can also set the color of the LED light on the Airwheel SE3S luggage through the Airwheel App.

remote control the Airwheel SE3S luggage


Where to buy this smart Airwheel SE3S luggage?

Airwheel Factory Official Airwheel Website

Check the Airwheel Factory Official Airwheel Website for information on the SE3S model, including pricing and availability. 

Airwheel Online Marketplaces

Popular online marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay, have the Airwheel SE3S luggage. Ensure that the seller is reputable and offers genuine Airwheel luggages.

Airwheel Local Authorized Retailers

Look for local authorized retailers or dealers that carry Airwheel luggages. These could be local physical stores or online platforms that specialize in Airwheel luggages.

Airwheel physical store

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