Is Airwheel SE3S luggage allowed in different countries airports?

Does the US airport allow the Airwheel SE3S luggage?

Yes, but with some restrictions. The restricted items of American Airline for smart bags is that "you can travel with these bags as a carry-on if the battery is removable. If the bag needs to be checked or valeted you must remove the battery and carry it with you. Bags with non-removable batteries won't be accepted."

The battery of Airwheel SE3S luggage can be removable and the battery capacity is 73.26wh can be taken into the plane. Therefore, you can take Airwheel SE3S luggage into the plane in American Airport.

smart baggage rules for US airlines

Does the Hong Kong airport allow the Airwheel SE3S luggage?

Yes, but the smart bag needs to conform to the rules.There are some restrictions for smart bag with intergrated lithium batteries of Hong Kong Airlines. Especially, 4 important rules needs to be careful:

"1.When you wish to use your smart bag as carry-on cabin baggage, it must fit within the allowed cabin baggage limit - both by weight and by dimensions.“

”2.The device must be switched off.“

“3.The battery must be removable. Passenger will be able to remain the battery installed or protected the battery from possible short-circuit inside the bag."

"4.You will not be allowed to use your smart bag as a charging device or charge your bag during the flight. "

Airwheel SE3S luggage is a 20-inch carry-on smart baggage and it can be turned on if you use.The battery of Airwheel SE3S luggage is removable. So you can take it to the Hong Kong airport according to the smart baggage rules of Hong Kong Airlines.

smart baggage rules for Hong Kong Airlines

Does the Philippines airport allow the Airwheel SE3S luggage?

Yes, Airwheel SE3S luggage complies with Philippine airport regulations for luggage with batteries.The most important baggage installed lithium batteries rules of Philippines Airlines is that "The battery must be the removable battery.Batteries must be removed if baggage is to be checked in. Removed batteries must be carried in the cabin."

73.26wh removable battery of Airwheel SE3S is not only less than 100wh, but also can be taken out from the luggage.Thus, you can take it into the Philippines flight and have a nice trip!

smart baggage rules for PH Airlines

Does the Canada airport allow the Airwheel SE3S luggage?

No, because small lithium battery-powered vehicles are not accepted in either checked baggage or carry-on baggage due to safety concerns associated to the lithium batteries that power them. Also, the prohibited vehicles of Canada Airlines is included the motorized luggage such as Modobag.Airwheel SE3S luggage is a smart riding motorized luggage.That's meaning you can not take the Airwheel SE3S luggage in the plane.

smart baggage rules for Canada Airlines

Does the Australia airport allow the Airwheel SE3S luggage?

Yes, the battery of Airwheel SE3S can be removed.The smartbags rules of Qantas Airlines is that "Removable Lithium batteries or Lithium power banks exceeding 2.7Wh or 0.3g of lithium metal content installed in a bag that are used to recharge portable electronic devices." So after checking, Airwheel SE3S luggage is not the dangerous goods for Qantas Airlines.You can take it to the plane safely in Australia.

smart baggage rules for Australia Airlines

Does the Singapore airport allow the Airwheel SE3S luggage?

Yes, it can be checked in the Singapore airport.The carriage of baggage powered by lithium batteries rules of Singapore Airlines is that "For check-in baggage,removable lithium battery must be removed and carried into the cabin."The weight of Airwheel SE3S luggage is 9.3kg that is over 7kg, it can be the cabin baggage for Singapore Airlines.Besides, 73.26wh lithium battery is removable. When Airwheel SE3S luggage is checked, it can be carried into the cabin.Although you can not carry on the Airwheel SE3S luggage derectly, it can be checked in Singapore airport.

smart baggage rules for Singapore Airlines

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Does the Qatar airport allow the Airwheel SE3 mini T?

June 1, 2024 at 02:42am
Reuel De Castro

I am senior and having hard time walking to far my luggage with wheels will help get to the gate easily with no problems. My luggage battery is removable and I can put it in my backpack. I hope Canada 🇨🇦 will let me use my traveling Robo Luggage Air Wheel. Thank You!!!

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