What is the Airwheel luggage price?

Smart Rideable Suitcase Recommendation 1: Airwheel SE3S  $899.90

If Airwheel SE3S were to be recommended in a single sentence, it would be described as a 20-inch carry-on suitcase with a comfortable riding experience.
It not only features riding capability but also incorporates an electric motor wheel and an intelligent riding control handle. The unique electrically extendable design can expand outward by 180mm, allowing for an extended wheelbase. This design ensures smoother riding without bumps, providing tall users with a more comfortable riding experience without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. This design enables the Airwheel SE3S smart rideable suitcase to navigate various outdoor road conditions effortlessly, including asphalt roads, concrete roads, speed bumps, and lawns.

Regarding air travel, the Airwheel SE3S smart ride-on suitcase not only meets the specifications for suitcase dimensions but also complies with relevant airline regulations with its 73.26WH lithium battery capacity. Additionally, it adopts a modular design, allowing the lithium battery to be removed without the need for any tools. Even during security checks, the process of removing and inspecting the battery is hassle-free.

Currently, due to its exceptional adaptability to various road conditions, the Airwheel SE3S smart rideable suitcase has gained significant popularity and is a highly regarded and classic choice.


Smart Rideable Suitcase Recommendation 2: Airwheel SE3MINIT  $799.90

Airwheel SE3MINIT is another 20-inch carry-on suitcase among the smart rideable suitcases.

Compared to the Airwheel SE3S smart rideable suitcase, its intelligent riding handle can be used directly after pulling it out. Although it cannot be extended, it is lighter in weight, making it particularly suitable for petite female users. Additionally, with a streamlined design of the smart riding handle, it has gained improved storage space, providing users with a more ample storage experience of up to 26L.

Similar to the Airwheel SE3S smart rideable suitcase, it can also serve as a mobile charging station during the journey. The high-performance USB charging port extended on the side of the suitcase body allows users to charge their mobile phones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices simply by connecting a data cable, greatly facilitating the journey.


Smart Rideable Suitcase Recommendation 3: Airwheel SE3T  $869.90

The main selling point of Airwheel SE3T among the various smart rideable suitcases is its large capacity, providing users with a lightweight and efficient travel storage solution.

Its riding speed can reach 13km/h, faster than walking, and the electric power drive is effortless, making the journey both effortless and efficient.
The internal storage space reaches 48L, satisfying users' storage needs for long journeys, holiday homecomings, or school openings. Moreover, the Airwheel SE3T smart rideable suitcase comprehensively enhances the storage experience in terms of detailed design. It features a well-planned functional partition inside the case, with storage bags of different sizes for organizing small items. The side-opening case cover is designed with adjustable fasteners, enabling the adjustment of the opening angle. It can be fully opened or opened at a 45° angle, catering to the temporary storage and retrieval needs during the journey.


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