Are Airwheel scooter suitcases allowed on airplanes?

Why did airlines ban smart luggage?

The smart luggage ban is due to the potential serious fire hazard these lithium-ion batteries pose in the aircraft cabin. This is why the world has prohibited placing laptops in checked luggage, and smart suitcases will face the same ban as they also contain lithium-ion batteries.


What electric suitcases are allowed on airplanes?

  • Removable batteries: Luggage containing lithium batteries is only accepted for transport if the battery can be removed from the luggage. "An International Air Transport Association spokesman said: "IATA member airlines prohibit the transport of luggage with non-removable lithium batteries."
  • Battery capacity less than 160WH: Lithium batteries must be safeguarded against short-circuiting, damage, and excess heat generation, with a maximum capacity not exceeding 160 watt-hours. Therefore, if you have an electric scooter with a maximum battery capacity of 160 watt-hours, the US Federal Aviation Administration allows it to be carried on board as hand luggage.

Can Airwheel luggage be in the flight cabin?

Yes, the Airwheel luggage comes with a removable power battery, and the 73.26-watt-hour battery capacity also complies with international aviation standards, allowing Airwheel electric suitcases to be carried on board or checked in. However, it's essential to detach the battery. Carrying a portable power bank on a flight is permissible, but remember to place it in your carry-on luggage. Do not put it in checked luggage, as it is not allowed and may result in your luggage being checked.


Can you check in luggage on the Airwheel?

The Airwheel SE3S is an intelligent rideable suitcase with a built-in handlebar motor and lithium battery. Whether checked in or taken into the cabin as carry-on luggage, its size, and built-in lithium battery will not affect boarding.

The 20-inch Airwheel SE3MiniT offers 26L of storage capacity, while the 20-inch Airwheel SR5 automatic following suitcase provides a large storage of 30L. Both sizes fit most major airline overhead bins. However, airlines may have restrictions on weight. If not allowed as carry-on luggage, you can still detach the battery and check the scooter as checked baggage.

Furthermore, the 24-inch Airwheel SE3T offers an extra-large storage space of 48L. When you travel by plane with this suitcase, it exceeds the size requirements for carry-on baggage. You will need to remove the built-in lithium battery, place it in your carry-on luggage, and then your suitcase can be easily checked in.


Which airlines prohibit Airwheel electric suitcases?

  • Singapore Airlines: Prohibited personal transportation devices,
    all small lithium battery-powered personal transportation devices (e.g. Mini-Segway, Hoverboard, Solowheel, Airwheel, balance wheel, etc.) are prohibited as checked-in and hand-carry baggage. This is regardless of whether the battery can be removed from the device. Read More.
  • Japan Airlines: Hoverboards and other self-balancing scooters, and small vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries (e.g. AirWheel, Solowheel, Hoverboards, and Mini Segways) are forbidden both as checked and carry-on baggage. Read More.
  • Indonesia Airlines: Small lithium battery-powered vehicles are strictly prohibited from being carried by passengers into the aircraft, either as Carry-On Baggage or Checked Baggage for all Garuda Indonesia flights. Examples: Airwheel, Solowheel, Hoverboard, Mini-Segway, Balance wheel, etc. Read More.

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