What are you buying for your traveling during Black Friday sales?

For travelers, there's no better time of the year to purchase luggage, outdoor gear, essential travel products, and more than during "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday." While there are still a few weeks left before the major sales officially kick off, many travel-friendly brands have already begun offering early deals for "Black Friday." Below, we've curated some of the most worthwhile deals for travelers, so you can get a head start on holiday shopping and save on popular products before they sell out.

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Option 1: Airwheel SE3S Focused on Riding Experience  Shop Now

The Airwheel SE3S is an electric suitcase scooter that prioritizes an optimized riding experience at its core. Its intelligent riding handlebar design features a telescopic function and is equipped with an electric joint, allowing easy adjustment of the extension and retraction of the smart riding handlebar with the press of a button. When extended, the smart riding handlebar can extend outward by 180mm, providing not only greater legroom for enhanced comfort but also an increased wheelbase for a smoother riding experience. Even when crossing outdoor speed bumps, the ride remains stable, ensuring easy maneuvering.

This rideable suitcase can reach speeds of up to 13km/h, doubling the speed compared to walking, making travel more efficient and allowing more time to appreciate the scenery along the way. Considering safety, the speed is adjustable. Through the accompanying app, users can flexibly select from multiple gears such as high, medium, and low based on personal needs or situations. In addition to the flexible speed settings, the intelligent app can also provide information on remaining battery life, and mileage, and offer customizable light colors/light effects. Furthermore, it enables intelligent remote control functionality, allowing for programmed paths such as setting cruise control, forward and backward movements, speed adjustments, and cycle times for the Airwheel SE3S suitcase scooter electric.


Option 2: Airwheel SE3MINIT with Lighter Weight  Shop Now

Compared to the previous Airwheel SE3S, the Airwheel SE3MINIT is a motorized suitcase scooter more delicate and compact, making it more suitable for petite female riders. Its compact suitcase design is user-friendly, and easily expandable with a simple pull, providing great convenience to the user. Although the maximum riding speed is only 8km/h, slightly faster than walking, it is sufficient to offer a comfortable moving experience during the journey, helping to alleviate travel fatigue and making the journey more relaxed and enjoyable.

Despite its compact size, the electronic luggage is equipped with a USB charging port, allowing direct charging of mobile phones, Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches, and other portable electronic devices by simply connecting a data cable, ensuring a worry-free power supply during the journey.

Moreover, similar to the Airwheel SE3S smart ride-on luggage, its suitcase volume complies with the international 20-inch carry-on suitcase standard, making it convenient to carry on flights without the need for additional checked baggage. The lithium battery required for driving the ride has a capacity of 73.26WH and employs a modular design, making it easy to disassemble quickly before security checks to ensure smooth passage.


Option 3: Airwheel SE3T with Large Capacity  Shop Now

The Airwheel SE3T smart ride-on luggage is designed for users who require large storage space. As a 24-inch checked-in suitcase, it offers a storage space of up to 48L, easily accommodating more luggage items. With its unique side-opening lid design, equipped with adjustable angle clasps, temporary retrieval and placement of items during the journey become more convenient. The suitcase can be partially opened, ensuring privacy and preventing items from scattering while facilitating quick access to belongings.

The larger body not only provides a larger riding area but also meets the needs of simultaneous use by two people. The Airwheel SE3T smart riding suitcase has a load-bearing capacity of up to 110kg. It features a reinforced patented aerospace aluminum box frame, which remains sturdy and non-deformable as long as the rider's weight does not exceed this standard. It also prevents compression of the items inside the suitcase, ensuring a secure riding and storage experience.


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