What is airwheel luggage?

Is there the best electric suitcase?

Airwheel® - The World's Best Motorized, Smart, Connected Carry-on Luggage! From its cutting-edge design to its seamless connectivity, Airwheel® stands as the epitome of travel innovation. Engineered with precision and packed with intelligent features, the Airwheel electric suitcase redefines convenience and style for the modern traveler.

Discover the seamless integration of advanced technology and sleek aesthetics, ensuring that your journey is not only smooth but also an expression of refined taste. With Airwheel®, travel becomes an experience that blends luxury and practicality, creating an unparalleled sense of freedom and sophistication.


Where is Airwheel from?

AirWheel headquarters is located in Changzhou, Zhejiang, China. Since its establishment in 2004, Airwheel has adopted a global perspective, setting up research and development, marketing, manufacturing, and logistics centers in countries such as the United States, Belgium, and China. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent transportation devices, Airwheel is committed to harnessing the joy of technology and practicing our cultural philosophy of "Free Intelligent Life."


What is Airwheel luggage?

The Airwheel smart riding luggage scooter is a versatile mobility solution that makes traveling effortless. It serves as a rideable suitcase equipped with powerful motor wheels, enabling smooth and comfortable gliding through vast airports, massive convention halls, and large shopping malls. The combination of a scooter and a travel suitcase makes your journey easier and more stylish. It's certainly to say that Airwheel robot luggage is gaining popularity among travel enthusiasts.


What is Airwheel luggage made of?

Airwheel luggage adopts German laminate and Taiwan Chi Mei ABS to ensure that the case shell is waterproof, wear-resistant, stable, and not easily deformed. Reinforced with a patented aluminum frame, which is made of 6-series high-grade aluminum alloy using one-piece forming technology to ensure a load-bearing capacity of 110kg.


Why is Airwheel luggage so popular?

What impresses users is the weightless commuting function of the luggage

For business professionals on extended business trips and avid travelers alike, no matter how well-arranged the transportation may be during the journey, it is inevitable to rely on walking. Airwheel Intelligent Technology Company has identified this gap and introduced a solution - the smart riding luggage.

Diverging from traditional luggage, the Airwheel smart electric suitcase goes beyond mere storage functionality. By equipping the suitcase with a mechanical structure - a powerful brushless motor wheel and a well-designed control system, it achieves riding capability. Users can directly ride it for commuting, fully powered by electricity throughout the journey. This preserves more energy, stamina, and time for users to enjoy the trip or handle other tasks, rather than expending it on the fatigue of constant travel.


What users praise is the meticulous and intricate design

As a novelty, the Airwheel smart riding luggage, while capable of attracting more attention, can also pose a barrier to user acceptance because a brand-new suitcase often implies a learning curve from scratch, especially with the added riding feature. To mitigate this situation, the control method of the Airwheel suitcase closely mimics the handling of familiar two-wheeled transportation for users. It employs intelligent riding handles to control the direction, with only left and right handles on the handlebar, each controlling acceleration/braking/reversing, making it straightforward to grasp even for first-time users.


While storage is a fundamental function, Airwheel does not compromise on it. The suitcase cover is designed to open from the side, with various sizes of storage bags arranged inside, allowing users to organize their luggage properly. The side-opening cover is equipped with fasteners between the cover and the box body, enabling adjustable opening angles. Apart from the conventional full opening, it can also be opened at a 45-degree angle, which is more suitable for temporary access to luggage during the journey.


Segmenting product selling points to establish rapport with users

Travel is the primary use case for the smart rideable suitcase, which may seem singular, but holds diverse requirements for different users. To establish a rapport with these varied users and help them enjoy their journey to the fullest, Airwheel has launched several types of smart riding luggage.

Currently, it has introduced the Airwheel SE3miniT and Airwheel SE3S, two smart rideable carry-on suitcases tailored for users who need to bring their luggage on board as carry-on items. The Airwheel SE3 MiniT is lighter in weight, while the Airwheel SE3S focuses more on the riding experience. For users who do not need to board and are open to checked baggage, Airwheel has released the Airwheel SE3T smart riding luggage with a capacity of up to 48. Furthermore, catering to children aged 3 to 6, Airwheel has introduced the Airwheel SQ3, which boasts a highly secure safety factor. We believe that different users can find the Airwheel suitcase that suits their needs perfectly.


All in all, this novel and technological product has initially garnered the affection and acceptance of celebrities, influencers, business professionals, and the elderly—users who frequently embark on journeys. As its popularity and outreach continue to grow, an increasing number of ordinary users have begun to purchase it. After all, even for those who travel only a few times a year, making the most of rare vacations to ensure a high-quality experience is essential, so as not to let well-planned travel plans go to waste.

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