Airwheel smart riding luggage why the fire? The reason is here!

These years, you are not always able to Youtube, Twitter, and other social media, brush to the star celebrities, and hipsters riding Airwheel motorized suitcase videos. And even from time to time will be in the airport, high-speed rail station, a pedestrian street chance to encounter riding Airwheel scooter luggage flashing by passers-by? Unknowingly rideable smart luggage has become a dark horse in the luggage market, attracting great attention, and more users continue to join and try. What makes Airwheel smart riding luggage so hot?


"Riding" function, catering to the needs of contemporary travelers

Even if high-speed rail and airplanes have been fast and convenient enough, but still can not cover the journey when carrying traditional luggage, we still need to rely on the legs to string together a variety of different transport, a day down, it is difficult not to feel tired. But with Airwheel smart riding suitcase, everything will be completely revolutionized! It is equipped with a strong motor wheel and can be driven by electricity to move, carrying the user faster than walking speed, energy-saving, and efficient forward. As a journey to fill the "last mile" of transportation gaps, it fundamentally solves the feeling of travel fatigue, making the modern journey more technological and convenient.


“The simpler the better” idea provides an easy-to-use operating experience

Only by providing users with an easy-to-use, easy-to-operate experience can the fear of starting something new be dispelled, and more people will be willing to try and challenge the Airwheel rideable luggage. So it is in the development stage, it will consider the user's daily habits as far as possible, to "the simpler the better" thinking, the design of intelligent riding handle. Its intelligent riding handle only has a left and right handle to control, the right handle to control the acceleration, and the left handle to control the brake, first press the left side, and then the right side can reverse. The operation is simple, and you can quickly get started.


Modular lithium battery design to adapt to more use scenarios

When taking a flight, because its lithium battery is modular and removable, the security check process only needs to remove the lithium battery, it can pass smoothly, and will not cause the trouble of not being able to board the plane, the operation is also very convenient, you can choose to use without worry. If you have higher requirements for the range, you can also easily upgrade through this design, only need to purchase a spare lithium battery can be, more simple and safe than private modification.


Strength and durability can be an important basis for the fire

Considering the long time riding use for the suitcase structure requirements are higher, so the Airwheel suitcase not only box shell using ABS + PC composite material but is also reinforced with a patented box frame, the use of 6 series of high-grade aluminum alloy application of one-piece molding technology made, the load can reach 110kg.


In conclusion

All in all, as an intelligent and innovative company, Airwheel also has an extremely strong innovative gene. The innovative functions and precise control of product details of the Airwheel smart riding luggage provide a feasible option for an intelligent and free journey, which effectively meets the needs of modern travelers. This will become a big fire trend and become a regular choice for our journey everywhere.

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