Hard-Sided vs. Soft-Sided Luggage: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Choosing between soft-shell and hard-shell luggage doesn't have to be complicated, but there's more to it than just looks. The best luggage for you is the luggage that best suits your needs. Here, we cover the top five factors to compare when choosing hard or soft luggage.

When buying new luggage, knowing the information will help you choose the best suitcase or checked luggage, suitcase, weekend travel bag, or garment bag for you. In addition to the many available features (such as internal organization, USB charging ports, and other built-in accessories), you'll want to consider color, size, style, and even shape. But one of the most significant differences to compare is soft luggage versus hard luggage.

Maybe you've always carried soft fabric-style suitcases, but prefer the sleek look of hard-sided luggage. Or maybe you've been carrying a hard-shell bag but want exterior pockets like most soft-sided bags offer. Maybe you just don't know what you want. We can help.

When you're not sure how to choose between hard-sided luggage or soft-sided luggage, start by identifying your needs. Below, we'll cover the pros and cons of soft versus hard luggage, as well as some insider information you may have never thought to consider.

There's always one for you. You just need to know what to look for and why.

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Let's start with the money. While cost shouldn't be your main deciding factor, it will probably be a consideration at some point. The price difference between soft-shell and hard-shell luggage can be significant. You'll find cheap luggage in both categories, but be wary of cheap bags.

Luggage doesn't have to cost a lot of money, but it's worth investing in bags that are durable and can handle the physical demands of heavy packing, rough baggage handlers, rugged sidewalks, and carousel pile-ups may take. Just in time for Father's Day, indulge in shopping deals with our site's recent discount codes.

Whatever your budget, don't let price be the only factor in choosing luggage. After all, you wouldn't choose a vacation stay simply because it's the cheapest place you can find.

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Think about how you'll feel when you watch your suitcase crack off the luggage conveyor belt and its contents spill into other people's luggage. Or imagine the impact of a lost or stuck wheel when you still have roadblocks or even miles yet to travel. Durability - like running water or electricity - is easy to take for granted until you're without it.

Your luggage is something you rely on heavily when you're out and about. Durability should be one of your top priorities, whether you're buying hard or soft luggage, large checked luggage, or compact carry-on luggage. Because it needs to be used for cycling, the Airwheel SE3S intelligent cycling luggage naturally has higher requirements for case strength than ordinary luggage. Its case shell is made of ABS + PC composite material, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, not easy to deform, lightweight, high strength, and will be bent to prevent cracking and cracking when impacted, and can always be as new in daily use. At the same time, the case body is also reinforced with an exclusive patented frame, made of aviation-grade 6 series high-grade aluminum alloy, applying one-piece molding technology, with a load capacity of up to 110kg, which can meet the rising needs of most weight users.

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Generally speaking, the durability of hard-side luggage and soft-side luggage is different. It is a common misconception that hard-shell suitcases are always stronger than bags made of fabric. The "toughness" of a bag depends largely on the type of material it is made of. For example, the SE3S luggage, whose shell is made of an ABS+PC composite, is lightweight, extremely strong, and will bend on impact to prevent cracking and splitting, a key issue that plagues other hard-sided luggage and causes great inconvenience.

 Likewise, soft-sided bags can tear or rip if the wrong fabric is used. For built-in durability, look for luggage made from high-density fabrics that have been treated to resist moisture and stains. While neither type is considered completely waterproof, the shell of a hard-sided suitcase should be water-resistant and can be wiped clean if anything is spilled on it. You can safely clean and disinfect them with certain cleaning products, but be sure to follow the instructions for field testing first.

Whether you choose hard or soft bags, always look for reinforced stitching, elastic zippers that hold tracks and stay closed, sturdy handles and sturdy extension handles that don't bend or flex. Other important durable features that help keep hard and soft bags looking and performing well include corner guards, reinforced molding for high wear points, ultra-rugged wheels and well-designed protective wheel covers for rolling bags.


You know the old saying, "It's what's inside that counts"? It's true in the hard luggage or soft luggage debate. When deciding which type of luggage is best for you, consider what and how you are packing.

If you want to maximize the capacity of your suitcase, soft-sided luggage is naturally constructed to provide more space than hard-sided suitcases. Soft-sided suitcases often have exterior pockets for storing temporary items and essentials that you don't want to put in your backpack or tote - a favorite feature for new parents lugging around an already stuffed diaper bag. For carry-on luggage, the front pocket is perfect for anything you may need to use on the way to your destination.

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The interior space of the AirwheelfactorySE3S intelligent riding case is planned with reasonable functional partitions that allow you to sort your carry-on luggage into the right space, which is well organized and clear at a glance. The lid is also designed with a side opening lid, which can be opened without flattening, and the side is also designed with a buckle, which can prevent the luggage from scattering out and greatly enhance the experience of temporary picking up and placing items during the journey, which is very convenient. Because soft-shell luggage has more space, provided that you do a good job of protecting your luggage from breakage, while hard-shell luggage can better protect fragile items. Soft bags usually open to a main compartment that may have interior pockets and/or suits. Hardshell bags are usually made with a "split construction" - meaning the bag zippers down the middle and opens into two shallower main compartments, like a flap. Hardshell bags take up more space when open, but stack better when closed.

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When it's time to move, how do you like to roll? Do you like to pull or ride the luggage?

Hard-sided luggage almost always comes with four swivel wheels. Four-wheeled luggage - also known as spinner luggage - is best rolled upright around you and is great for training through twists, turns, and obstacles. Airwheel SE3S electric luggage is equipped with front motor wheels and rear pneumatic tires for riding and driving under electric power, and the speed can reach 13km/h.

In addition to the riding bar, Airwheel SE3S electric luggage is also equipped with a normal traction bar, which can cope with no electricity or other situations that are not suitable for riding. It is not difficult to switch between two different modes of riding and traction. the motor wheels and riding bar of the Airwheel SE3S robot suitcase are designed with electric telescopic. With just one button, you can switch the usage mode quickly and easily. You can travel freely anytime and anywhere. The aluminum pole has three adjustable positions for comfortable operation. Easy to drag and drop. Soft-sided luggage is widely available in 4-wheel and 2-wheel models. Two-wheeled luggage performs better in rough terrain and at high speeds.

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When it comes to security, both hard-sided and soft-sided luggage have their advantages. Hard-shell cases offer better protection against theft due to their rigid structure, making it difficult for unauthorized access. Additionally, some hard cases come with built-in TSA-approved locks, providing an extra layer of security for your belongings.

On the other hand, soft-sided luggage often features external pockets and compartments that allow easy access to frequently used items such as laptops, travel documents, or toiletries. However, this accessibility may also make it easier for potential thieves to target your belongings. It's worth noting that some soft cases come with lockable zippers or built-in locking mechanisms to enhance security.

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If you don't want to carry a basic black bag, or just like to stand out, both hard and soft luggage are available in a variety of colors. The hard shell can be used as a sticker canvas to make your bag stand out, but any bag can be personalized with accessories like luggage tags and carry-on bags.

Ultimately, the decision between hard-shell luggage and soft-sided luggage should depend on how you travel and what you pack, combined with your tastes. Then, purchase the luggage that best fits your budget and seek a guarantee of reliability that will protect your investment for the long term. Happy travels!

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