Airwheel Smart Suitcase

Airwheel Smart Suitcase

Airwheel Smart Suitcase

Airwheel SR5 Ride-on luggage

The Airwheel SR5 Ride-on luggage is an international standard suitcase with built-in smart features. The suitcase features intelligent obstacle avoidance via UWB and sensor technology. It can travel autonomously and detect people to avoid collisions. It also features built-in USB charging ports. It is compatible with most international flight standards and can be carried directly on board an aircraft.

The SR5 intelligent luggage is 20 inches long, making it the perfect size for airplane travel. It can fit in a standard international airline suitcase, so it won't require a check-in at the airport. The luggage can be opened at the side for easy access to your belongings, and the space is spacious.

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