Revolutionary Travel Equipment: Why Airwheel Luggage Is Worth a Try?

A revolutionary new product has just been launched and is already gaining popularity among travelers. Created by Airwheel, rideable luggage is a suitcase that can be ridden like a scooter, aiming to make travel easier and more efficient. However, there are still many people who are still hesitant and waiting for the right time. This article simply and directly tells you a few important reasons why Airwheel luggage is worth a try.

Easy to Travel and Eliminate Fatigue

Airwhee Suicase is equipped with powerful motor wheels that can bring a sense of ease to the journey. The one-touch unfolding ride is easy to control even for the first time. You can get rid of the fatigue of lugging bulky luggage around a wide airport, and you'll shorten your commute and change planes with more peace of mind. The suitcase you can ride becomes your travel companion, whether it's a trip or a business trip, it's easy to handle anytime, anywhere, and your travel life will change forever.


Don't Worry about Safe Travel

First of all, Airwheel luggage is made with safety as the primary consideration, and it has a built-in brake system to ensure that you can stop quickly and safely when you need to, and of course, it is necessary for us to use it responsibly and comply with the manufacturer's product instructions.

Second, in terms of materials made of imported German laminate and Taiwan Chi Mei ABS and 6-series high-grade aluminum alloy using one-piece forming technology to ensure that the case is stable and not deformed when riding, substantially improving the strength and compressive strength of the box, load-bearing up to 110KG, you can rest assured that the ride, the scooter suitcases items inside do not have to worry about being crushed at all.

Third, the use of high-quality, wear-resistant, puncture-resistant 5.5-inch TPU solid plus tires, can be anti-slip shock absorption, to ensure that the electric luggage scooter in journey moves more smoothly, smoothly, and safely.


Support Intelligent APP Control

Download and install APP, luggage intelligent interconnection, and open more functions. In the smart APP, there are two different speed modes to adjust the riding speed of the air wheel, and the low-speed mode will be slower can ensure safety.

This smart riding suitcase can also customize the color and special effects of the ambient light with one click through the APP, there are seven light colors, and three light effects, especially in the dark are very cool.

In addition, it can also monitor the speed, mileage, remaining power, and other data of the luggage in real-time, which is easy to use, stylish to play, and more exciting!


Mobile Charging Station for Convenient Travel

Motorized suitcase scooter provides reliable and durable high-cycle lithium battery cells. The lithium battery with a capacity of 73.26WH can meet the demand of 8-10km riding, so you don't have to worry about battery life when you travel.

Smart luggage scooter is also equipped with an extended USB charging port design, which can be used as a mobile charging station to charge your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices at any time during the journey.

In addition, the lithium battery also features an external pluggable design that can be quickly removed without any tools and is airline compliant and ready for boarding.


In Conclusion

For those who want to make travel easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable, traveling by Airwheel rideable luggage has quickly become the mainstream travel choice for many users, and Airwheel luggage is the future of travel.

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