What functionality should a smart suitcase provide over a normal suitcase?

In recent years, smart suitcase for travel has become increasingly popular in the market with the development of tourism and the increasing demand for travel convenience. Smart luggage refers to suitcases equipped with advanced technology features such as APP connectivity, built-in charging ports, remote locking, and auto-following, designed to provide travelers with a more convenient and stress-free travel experience.


About Airwheel SR5

One of the popular smart suitcases is the Airwheel SR5 intelligent following suitcase, which uses UWB high-precision positioning module and sensing module to achieve automatic following and obstacle avoidance functions. Users only need to wear the smart bracelet and turn on the following mode, then they can enjoy the ease and comfort of having empty hands and the suitcase automatically following behind them. Follow the speed between 2km/h-6km/h, Airwheel SR5 intelligent follow the box will be based on the distance between the user, with flexible adjustment, to maintain the appropriate follow state.


Following the process, the Airwheel smart suitcase is equipped with infrared, ultrasonic, and other sensor modules, will also work together, timely detection of obstacles around the following path, and calculate a reasonable solution to avoid obstacles, flexible deceleration, and bypass obstacles to avoid collision trouble, the user can use at ease, do not have to look back frequently. In addition, you can also through the app, the cell phone end of the luggage running route with one hand, to a great extent to provide convenience for travel.


About Smart Luggage

The development trend of smart suitcases is also constantly developing in the direction of more intelligent, safe, personalized, sustainable, and lightweight.

Security: To protect the safety of travelers' luggage, smart luggage for travel will use a variety of technologies for authentication and security, such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, vibration alarm, etc.
Sustainability: Smart luggage will tend to be more environmentally friendly, using eco-friendly materials as luggage materials, such as renewable materials, recycled materials, etc., and may use solar panels as charging ports for power supply, reducing the reliance on traditional electricity.
Voice assistant technology: Smart luggage will be equipped with voice assistant technology and GPS positioning interconnection, travelers can broadcast the destination weather, flight information, etc., and can control the suitcase unlocking and other operations through voice commands to improve the convenience of use.
Personalization: The smart suitcase for travel will provide a variety of personalized customization services, such as customizable compartments and packing systems, built-in scales, and other features to help travelers better manage their luggage and avoid overweight baggage fees, providing a more personalized user experience.
Lightweight: To balance function and quality, the smart luggage will adopt a lightweight design, such as the use of materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, to reduce the weight of the luggage and improve the comfort of carrying it.

    About Airwheel SE3 Series

    The improvement of intelligent luggage function will inevitably increase the weight of the luggage, so how to balance function and quality causes the key concern of R&D. Most experts will tend to adopt lightweight materials to solve this kind of problem. The Airwheel riding luggage SE3S series, however, solves the problem from the root and changes the way people carry luggage.


    The journey to reduce the burden is the original intention of the introduction of the Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent cycling suitcase. It is equipped with a strong motor wheel, can be driven by electrical energy, carrying the user to 9km / h speed, labor-saving, efficient walking, so that the journey more easily and smoothly. Moreover, the box body is reinforced with a patented box frame, made of 6-series high-grade aluminum alloy using one-piece molding technology, with a load capacity of up to 110kg, no need to worry about box deformation even after a long ride, and no need to worry about the luggage inside the box being crushed and damaged.


    To facilitate the journey, the outside of the case also expands the design of the USB charging port, which can be turned into a mobile charging station at any time, connected to the data line for the need to charge the electronic equipment promptly to replenish the power, so that users do not have to pay attention to the power when they go out to play, more focused on the journey, enjoy the joy!


    The rise of smart luggage is in part driven by the growth of travel technology as a whole. As more and more people rely on technology to make their lives easier and more connected, it makes sense for the travel industry to follow suit. In addition, this epidemic has accelerated the demand for non-contact and non-touch features, further adding to the appeal of smart luggage.


    Overall, the smart luggage trend shows no signs of slowing down. As technology advances and the need for convenience and efficiency continues to grow, smart luggage is likely to continue to grow and become more popular among travelers. Whether you're a frequent flyer or a leisurely vacationer, smart luggage can provide a more connected and stress-free travel experience.

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