Technology and Journey Esonance: Bring Airwheel luggage to enjoy a good journey!

With the continuous development of science and technology, as well as the further pursuit of efficiency, convenience, and experience for travel. Smart luggage is being paid attention to by more and more users, and the demand for such products is increasing.

Airwheel as a representative brand of the smart suitcase, is committed to creating a more humane and intelligent journey experience, to promote the resonance of technology and journey, to bring more beautiful imagination and enjoyment.


Smart following, free your hands - Airwheel SR5

Airwheel SR5 is smart following luggage that can bring such an experience. It is equipped with a micro UWB high-precision positioning module, when the user wears a special smart bracelet on the wrist, and opens the following mode, Airwheel SR5 smart follow box will take the initiative to locate the owner's coordinate information and drive the bottom of the box motor wheel to follow.

Follow the speed between 2km / h-6km / h, according to the distance between the master, the master's pace, and flexible adjustment of the following speed, to maintain a suitable state of following.

The box is also equipped with ultrasonic, infrared, and other sensor modules, following the process of real-time monitoring of the obstacles around the following path, the timely adoption of appropriate obstacle avoidance, detour program to avoid collisions. Users can use it with peace of mind, without having to check back frequently.

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Riding for a relaxing journey - SE3 Series

In the familiar way of carrying luggage, the mainstream is to rely on the trolley bar towing. Although this way for the user's strength requirements is not high, long time use still can not make the journey away from the feeling of running tired, for this reason, the Airwheel smart suitcase from the functional considerations, is bold to achieve the "riding" function.

Smart riding suitcase is equipped with a strong motor wheel, riding more quickly than relying on legs walking, saving energy and being more efficient at the same time! Used to move around in places such as airports and stations that occupy a large area, it can solve the "last mile" gap in the journey, which can be said to be a very revolutionary new equipment of intelligent technology.

During the ride, you don't have to worry about the weight of the luggage inside the box will be oppressed. Its case body is specially reinforced with a one-piece aluminum alloy frame, with a load capacity of 110kg, which can meet the rising needs of most weight users.

In addition, the outside of the case also expands the design of the USB charging port, the journey can be turned into a mobile charging station at any time, for cell phones, Bluetooth headphones, tablets, and other types of electronic devices in time to replenish the power, very convenient.

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In Conclusion

In the future, Airwheel will continue to explore the infinite possibilities of technology to achieve a richer and more comfortable intelligent lifestyle, not only for the journey but also to step into more areas!

Choose Airwheel luggage, and feel the resonance of technology and journey, to develop a better experience than ever!

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