What is Airwheel?

We, Airwheel, founded in 2004, aim to manufacture the world-leading intelligent transportation device. And now, we’ve set up R&D, marketing, manufacturing, and logistics centers in many countries such as the United States, Belgium, and China. Our main products are personalized smart luggage, including the SR5, SL3C, SQ3, and SE3 series. And I will give you some of the main details about the three certain types of journey/business luggage.


airwheelfactory-electric luggage-rideable suitcase-SR5-package

SR5-smart auto-follow suitcase. The style of SR5 is more suitable for business people. Understated luxury in black and silver makes for a commercial look. Moreover, the production lists of SR5 contain one smart band used for your SR5 suitcase connection through Bluetooth. And you only need to wear this smart band, then the box will follow you automatically. However, most people may worry about the loss of SR5, and we also consider it. When the distance between you and SR5 is too far, your smart band will vibrate to alarm you. So, I could say that SR5 is the best luggage for business people.


airwheelfactory-electric luggage-rideable suitcase-SL3C bluetooth anti-lost alarm system

SL3C-smart multi-functions luggage. SL3C does not seem like other boxes equipped with a motor engine, so it is the lightest suitcase in our smart luggage. The one main feature of SL3C lies in its intelligent unlock system. The system could support you using NFC and Bluetooth through the official built-in APP to open your luggage, faster than any other code lock suitcases or zipper lock suitcases. If you don’t need to ride on luggage, you should choose this cheap one.


SQ3-kids’ best gifts. For serving all people better, we specially designed a children-oriented smart motor suitcase-SQ3. SQ3 has a smaller size which is appropriate for children. It could play music to entertain your kids and reduce their nagging at you. And its speed is limited to 5km/h, without almost any security risks. If you don’t want your kids to rush here and there, or the battery is dead, you could keep them in check by holding a rope from the box in front.


By the way, SL3C is not equipped with a motor engine, but you could sit on it for rest. Based on real feedback from customers who have bought this smart luggage before, we are glad to bring customers’ elderly parents, the disabled, and people who have been injured in an accident and are unable to move a great convenience in traveling. We sincerely hope that our products will bring more convenience.


If you want to get more information about the SE3 series or us, please come to our business website: https://airwheelfactory.com/

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/airwheelfactory

Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/airwheelfactory/

Our TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@airwheelfactory

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